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Taylor Swift Is My Favorite Celebrity

My favorite country music singer/celebrity is Taylor Swift. I love how she tells the stories of all of her relationships and they didn’t work out. I believe that she is an upstanding young singer that holds true to her beliefs and morals. A young singer like Taylor Swift has the ability to influence so many young girls these days and I believe she is doing a stand up job of that calling. Her concerts are full on and they tell a story about what is going on in her life. The reason young girls like her so much is because they can totally relate to what she is singing about. I love her as a celebrity because she is really down to earth and she is “what you see is what you get”. My daughter likes her a lot too so I am always kept abreast of what is going on in Taylors life. We read articles about her and know pretty much where she is and what she is doing most of the time.

Many times celebrities will let fame and fortune go to their heads and change who they are, but not Taylor Swift. She has and always will be an upstanding citizen. I love the fact that Taylor has stayed true to herself and shows others that being a celebrity doesn’t mean that you have to get wild and crazy; it just means you have a lot of money. I hope that one day my daughter can follow in Taylor’s footsteps and become a role model in the celebrity world for those around her. The money wouldn’t hurt either! Being a celebrity can be all that it is cracked up to be if you are strong and smart and have a good head on your shoulders.

Controversy Abounds After Mickey Rooney Dies

We all know the stories of step parents and step siblings because we have heard the story of Cinderella and her evil step sisters. I believe that some of the step issues are real because I know now what it is like first hand. I have a step daughter that hates me because her mother has turned her against me, but that is another story all together.

A few days ago on April 6, actor Mickey Rooney died which I am sure you all already know. What you may not know is however, that he refused to be buried next to his step son. The problem with Mr. Rooney’s wishes is that he did not spell them out in his will. He and his family are now fighting over where to bury him. I cannot imagine having to deal with fighting over where to bury a loved one because having to deal with the death of them is bad enough in itself.

Mickey Rooney separated from his wife about three years ago and charged her and her son with elder abuse. His family members are trying as hard as they can to keep from burying Rooney in the prearranged family plot. The other side of the family, his wife’s family are doing all they can to have him buried where he is suppose to be, beside of them.

Mickey Rooney wanted to change his will but did not get around to it before he died. There is a lesson in this for everyone that we should all do what it takes to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of after we are gone and that our own wishes are granted.

I Am a Dork When It Comes to Pop Culture

What does the term pop culture even mean? I thought that I knew all there was to know about what was going on the world of television, movie and music news, but apparently I was wrong on so many levels. I recently decided to redeem a gift of a free subscription to a popular gossip magazine out of boredom. Perhaps I needed something different to read on my commute to work on a city bus or maybe my subconscious really wanted to knew what movie star was involved in the latest sex tape scandal. Whatever the reason, I now have a magazine to help my brain cells commit suicide.

I have learned a lot of things by reading this publication that seems to know all things Hollywood. For example, I now know that there are many, many reality stars that I have never heard of and do not care about at all. At least I think they are reality stars because I don’t recognize the names at all. Another thing that I have learned is that almost all of the stories come from an anonymous source close to the star. I can’t believe that they can get away with publishing such stuff and people actually buy it.

Yes, I know that I am wasting my time reading it and I don’t have to read it if I don’t like it. Perhaps I should just listen to my daughter when she tells me that I am a dork when it comes to pop culture. I think I can be okay with that because if I read one more article about the latest bachelor or teenage pop star, I think my brain might just explode.

The Renovation Experience

I am on a new kick in my life. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 6 years and in the process I have started to change my entire life. Over the past 6 years I have conformed and I have bent to the standards of the world. I started smoking because that is what a successful person does. I decided to drink because the partners were always asking me for drinks. I bought the clothes society asked me to and I went to the places that were called cool. I was essentially a shill for the man. No longer. A few weeks ago I found out that my girlfriend was seeing someone else and so I did what needed to be done. I broke things off and in the process I have decided that I am no longer conforming to society.

In the process of renovating my life I have made a few new discoveries. The first thing I learned was that I hate to smoke. I do not like the taste. I do not like the smell. And I certainly do not like the fact that society has changed its stance on smoking. I am no longer allowed to smoke at the bar and I am no longer allowed to smoke at work. Traditional smoking and regular cigarettes are simply not accepted in public anymore. So why was I doing it? I was addicted to the nicotine. Just like millions of other people I have an addiction to nicotine and I need to have that addiction fed in order to function. So what did I do?

Since I hate the smell and flavor of regular cigarettes I decided to try an EverSmoke electronic cigarette. After all, I still like the nicotine. What I found was amazing. I soon realized that e-cigs could be bought in a variety of flavors. I personally have fallen in love with the cherry flavored e-cig that I found at electronic cigarette reviewed. I even got some good electronic cigarette coupons for popular brands like v2 cigs at http://www.electroniccigarettesreviews.net/electronic-cigarette-by-blu-e-cigs-reviews. This is a great way for me to change my life because it makes it possible for me to still receive nicotine without having to smoke a regular cigarette. The questions that people ask are all the same. Does it work? Is it good? are they strong? Are they dirty like regular cigarettes? The real answers surprise everyone.

Electronic cigarettes, I have found, are nothing like regular cigarettes. The only similarity is in the look and the fact they have nicotine in them. Apart from that, the similarities end. These things taste amazing. I love the flavor. I also like the fact that they do not ash and that I can use them indoors. I can now vape in my house and I do not have to worry about leaving signs that I smoke. I do not need an ashtray. I do not need a lighter. I do not need to constantly buy new packs. And most of all, I do not need the world dictating what I can and cannot do. You can get some free coupons and v2 cigs codes online with a quick search. Check them out!

Hunger Games Sequel “Catching Fire” Coming November 22

Many teenagers are really looking forward to the release of the sequel to the Hunger Games movie. I personally have no idea why this movie is interesting to anyone and do not look forward to seeing or hearing about Hunger Games Catching Fire coming out on November 22. I understand how teens can become excited about competition and winning and losing, but if you have seen the first movie called The Hunger Games you will most likely be as concerned as I am about the content of these movies.

Not only are the kids in the movie supposed to kill one another but they are actually portrayed as enjoying doing so. It is a fight for your life kind of movie and a win or be killed type of thing. The government of the people in this movie is in charge of these games and decides who “plays” and who doesn’t. It is really sickening to watch and it makes me sad to think that children these days enjoy watching this type of thing and call it entertainment. I think that many of the children in the world today are getting their minds warped by the media and this also includes the maker of such movies as the Hunger Games. Even Christian children are watching these movies and think they are acceptable. I would suggest for parents that if you kids want to watch these movies that you watch them first to see exactly what it is that is taking place. My bet is you are not going to let your kids watch it after you have seen it for yourself.

Taylor Swift Finishes Up Nashville Show

If you were not able to see Taylor Swifts recent show in Nashville, you missed a good one. She did a duet with Luke Bryan during this show that folks loved! If you have never been to a Taylor Swift concert I would recommend you doing so. So many artists these days leave their audiences disappointed after a show, but not Taylor Swift! She puts on an entire theatrical act during her singing. You will not be disappointed and will most likely leave wanting more!

I have had the privilege of seeing her on stage at her concert in North Carolina only once and my family and I want to go again as soon as we can! It was honestly the best live show we have ever seen! Taylor takes the show into her own hands as she has been completely involved with every single aspect of the performance. She is not there just to sing, she created the entire show. She reminds me in that respect to the likes of Michal Jackson who was also always very involved with his shows and creating them. Many musical acts these days just show up to sing and let everyone who works for them do the rest of the work, not Tay Tay!

Taylor Swift is a two time winner of CMA Entertainer of the Year and is once again nominated for the honor again this year! Taylor has a way of engaging the audience at a concert that no one else has been able to master. Go see her in concert and you will be glad you did!

Josh Duggar From 19 Kids And Counting Under Attack From Gay And Lesbian Groups

It’s a sad day in America when someone like Josh Duggar, or any Duggar for that matter becomes under attack for taking a job with the Family Research Council. I am sure you have heard of the television show 19 Kids And Counting and if you have not you need to watch it. It is one of the few shows left on television today that is actually decent enough to watch.

The gay and lesbians organizations have now caught wind of the fact that Josh Duggar has recently taken a job with the FRC and are crazy mad about it. They claim that the FRC is one of the largest gay and lesbian hate groups in America today. I’m not sure, but don’t we still live in a free country where people can choose to work where they want to? This kind of thing infuriates me and this is why I chose to write about it today.

The gay and lesbians are saying that Josh Duggar needs to reconsider taking this job and not be a voice against gay and lesbian activities. I was wondering why when Josh took a job in Washington DC recently and moved his entire family 1,000 miles away from his extended family that they didn’t say who the job was with. The reason for this is because TLC has been warned that GLAAD is watching the show carefully to make sure they do not give a platform to the Family Research Counsil. I think it’s totally absurd that we are completed covered up with television glorifying gays and lesbians but Josh Duggar is not allowed to say where he works!

Bill And Jenn From “The Little Couple” Adopt A Child with Dwarfism

If you have not yet seen the television show The Little Couple, you should do so. It is an amazing story of two wonderful people who fell in love and are now expanding their family to include not only one adopted child but are soon getting ready to adopt another one from India this time.

Bill and Jenn Arnold dated for three years before they got married. They both are little people who have struggled with the same issues for their entire lives. This is a story of both of their lives and how they have overcome all the obstacles that have been set before them and are now living normal happy lives. It is a very uplifting show that I would encourage any of you to watch.

This is a little known fact about Bill and Jenn but they actually met at a Starbucks and then began dating right after their meeting. It is reported that their first date was over sushi that neither one of them even touched because they were so interested in getting to know one another better they just couldn’t stop talking long enough to take time to eat.

If you keep up with the show much you know that they have just adopted a little boy by the name of Will from China. He too is a little person and fits into their family just perfectly. The next step in their lives and their show is to include their little girl who is coming to them from India.

Big Brother’s Brittany Hayne’s Baby Has Cancer

Brittany Haynes is well known for being on the television show Big Brother in 2012. What some of you may not be aware of is that her 2 month old daughter has just been diagnosed with cancer. This is a sad story and I hate to have to be the teller of bad news. No one wants their children to be sick and especially no one wants their child to have a disease as devastating as cancer.

The news about Brittany’s baby came out through her posts on Facebook and Twitter a few weeks ago. She wrote that on Sept 1 they became a part of the 720 sets of parents that have been told that their child has cancer.

It is unsure to the public yet what type of cancer that baby Tilly has, the media has not been privy to this information yet. It may be some time before we know exactly what type of cancer baby Tilly has.

Please pray for Tilly and for all the parents and children in the world that have to deal with such a devastating diagnosis. We all need to hold our children a little tighter and thank God for giving us healthy beautiful children to love and adore.

Brittany was well liked on the hit television show Big Brother last season and she has actually been on the show before in the past. I am sure her fans will be sad to hear about her troubles and will most likely want to reach out to her anyway they can.